Endless Pools® is the world-wide leader in counter-current swimming machines since 1988. Our signature product, The Original Endless Pool® is designed to fit (within 4 days) just about anywhere, indoors or outside.

Endless Pool® can do much more...


*Water Exercise/Water Aerobic

*Aquatic Therapy/ Rehabilitation

*Relaxation & Fun

*Triathlon Swim Training

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Propulsion Pools Sdn Bhd

We are Swimming Pool, Water Feature, Fountain, Pond and Irrigation Specialist. Our offer includes design & builds, supply all products for Swimming Pool i.e. Test kit, maintenance tools, value pack of chemicals. Visit our show room for more details. We also Authorized Dealer of ENDLESS POOLS, INC. USA in Malaysia and Singapore. Our Swimming Machine provides all the benefits of traditional swimming pools in a fraction of the space.


'Take a Test Swim at Propulsion Pools Sdn Bhd Showroom'

You are cordially invited to take a test swim at our Showroom.

Feel free to try our standard-depth Original Endless Pool®. Practice your freestyle, do some water aerobics, or simply relax with our hydrotherapy jets. Guarantee you will love it! You'll be able to meet our designers or even review your installation plans.

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Appointment for visit

To make an appointment for your visit, please call 603 7960 1828, 6012 3795 160. Propulsion Pools staff will be able to greet you weekdays and, by prearrangement, on weekends as well.

The best way to experience the quality of our swim is to try in our Original Endless Pool®. See yourself how easy to swim againts the adjustable current & how you could incorpoarte one into your home.

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How to Make the Most of Your Test Swim-1

Watch the Endless Pools Planning Video before you go. It will help you think of questions about the installation you are considering, so you can learn more from the pool owner's experience.

Bring a towel and bathing suit. As a courtesy to our demonstrators, please shower before your swim, and please refrain from using personal care products or hair products.

How to Make the Most of Your Test Swim-2

Feel free to bring your goggles, aqua aerobics weights, kick board, flotation belt and other pool toys.

Get into the pool to see how easy it is to adjust to swimming or exercising in place.

Think about how you would like to use your pool. Try different strokes, water walking, aqua exercise, relaxing and having fun

Notice the size and depth to see if a different configuration would work for you.

The Original Endless Pool®

The Original Endless Pool® is come with Complete Pool, Adjustable Swim Current Generator (52 Speeds) pushes up to 5,000 gallons of water per minute, Water Quality System and more option...

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Fastlane® Swimming Machine

Fastlane® Swimming Machine

Transform your Existing Swimming Pool, Plunge Pool or even Dip Pool Into Endless Pool. Give you non-stop swimming and endless fitness..

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Endless Pool Won SMEs Best Brands

Endless Pool won The BrandLaurate SMEs Chapter Awards 2010 ‘BEST BRANDS’ Product Branding; Category Leisure- Swimming Pools In The Asia Pacific.